Opening the Insider Facts of Hermeticism: From Old Prophets to the New World Request.


Opening the Insider Facts of Hermeticism
Opening the Insider Facts of Hermeticism


Hi, youthful researchers! Today, we’re plunging profoundly into the charming universe of Hermeticism, an intriguing old way of thinking that resembles a money box of insight from an earlier time. Hermeticism isn’t simply a way of thinking; it’s an excursion through history, arriving at the entire way to something puzzling called the New World Request. Lock in, in light of the fact that we’re going to take a thrilling ride through the ages!


The Insight of Hermes Trismegistus

Our experience starts with a person named Hermes Trismegistus, an old sage whose lessons are said to be traced all the way back to scriptural prophets. Envision him as a savvy, old aide, imparting his insight to individuals from a period quite a while in the past. Hermes resembles the way into a mother lode of old insight.

Prophet Idris: The Science Trailblazer

Meet Prophet Idris, the second prophet in the Quran, a man with three mind-boggling gifts: prediction, shrewdness, and power. He’s frequently alluded to as “Müselles canister Ni’ma,” signifying “he who has been given three endowments.” Yet what’s really dazzling is the story of his excursion to the sky.

Prophet Idris, a genuine superhuman of his time, climbed to the skies while still alive. For a staggering 30 years, he lived in the amazing state of ecstasy, where he took in the mysteries of the stars, or as he referred to it as, “nücum,” or soothsaying. Envision him up there, encompassed by the secrets of the universe!

The Excursion of the Spirit

Idris showed something remarkable – the possibility that the human spirit is a delightful and iridescent being, going through the sky and entering our natural bodies. He trusted that by dominating our brains and controlling our “self-image,” we could climb to paradise, turning into our best selves. It resembles an individual hero change, correct?

Heliopolis: The city of the Sun

In any case, likewise, with every single extraordinary story, there’s a wind! Over the long run, Idris’ lessons were misjudged, prompting the ascent of a few surprising gatherings. In Egypt, individuals started to adore the sun, naming it Ra, and in any event, venerating sculptures of bulls called “Apis.” Their conviction framework spread all over, affecting different societies all over the planet, from Persia to India and, surprisingly, the Hittites.

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The Association with the New World Request

Presently, we should quickly forward to our cutting-edge times. You might have known about the “New World Request” – it resembles a stupendous, worldwide arrangement for what’s to come. Some say that the Eye of Provision on the $1 note and the expression “Novus ordo seclorum” are connected with this. Might it at any point be that the old insight of Hermeticism is interlaced with this strange idea? It resembles interfacing specks between the past and the present.

Wrapping Up the Experience

In this way, youthful pioneers, what we’ve discovered today is that Hermeticism isn’t simply an old way of thinking; it’s an entrancing excursion through time, connecting us to the insight of prophets and the secrets of the universe. It resembles an exhilarating story ready to be unwound.

Keep in mind, that the way to understanding the past and our reality’s mysteries is to continue picking up, clarifying some pressing issues, and investigating. Who can say for sure what other mind-boggling undertakings are concealed in the pages of history? In this way, keep your interest alive, and you may very well uncover the following astounding piece of the riddle.

Until sometime later, remain inquisitive, continue investigating, and seek constantly reality – very much like our old legends of Hermeticism!

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