Fight for Clean Air and Safe Streets: Write the Future

Fight for Clean Air and Safe Streets
Fight for Clean Air and Safe Streets


Howdy! Khadim Hussain’s the name, and I have a bone to pick with the world of air pollution and unsafe streets. It’s a scary combo, yeah, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Things are changing, luckily, and I’m thrilled to share this journey with you all in plain English.


The Dangerous Crossroad

Living amidst toxic fumes from vehicles may bring some bad news HealthWise – heart diseases, breathing issues, dementia, or even miscarriages, not just for grown-ups but kids too. The nasty bits like tire wear, brake dust, road dust, and exhaust gases only make matters worse. Our kids aren’t immune either; we’re talking about mental health or cognitive troubles here.


When Tragedy Knocks on the Door


A few moons ago, we lost two bubbly eight-year-olds called Selena Lau and Nuria Sajjad when they couldn’t survive a Land Rover accident near their Wimbledon school. It’s like a punch to the gut telling us to change can’t wait. And let’s not forget about Ella Kissi-Debrah; she was nine when an asthma attack, worsened by polluted air, stole her away from us. These losses are crippling, but they’re just part of the broader picture—thousands die prematurely due to pollution in the U.K., not to mention kids being hurt or killed in traffic.


Vision Zero: No More Stands for Harm


Mums for Lungs and Vision Zero are joined by one purpose: zero acceptance of harm from driving. We take the stance that even one life compromised because of vehicular accidents is too many. Let’s not aim for fewer deaths but for no deaths, period.


Who Gets Hit Harder?


It hurts to admit that the current fast-and-furious culture doesn’t just harm Mother Earth. It doesn’t spare those who actually added little to these problems. A grim testament to this is how folks from global majority backgrounds, disabled individuals, or those stuck in poverty are more susceptible to traffic accidents and pollution in the U.K. It’s a cruel irony – the ones with less privilege bear a greater burden.

Double-Edged Sword for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy can complicate safety on the roads. Crash tests designed around men leave women 73% more likely to get injured than their male counterparts. Further, air pollutants from vehicles threaten both mothers-to-be and their unborn babies. Asthma could be passed onto babies due to exposure to fine particulate matter present in car exhaust when in the womb.


Children of Color and Disabilities


Candidly speaking, kids of color and disabled children shoulder a heavier load from traffic perils and dirty air. They face more injuries on the road and are exposed more to outdoor air pollution. It’s a wake-up call for us – we must address these disparities while building safer streets.


The Fatal Catch-22


Air pollution and global warming are grim dance partners, feeding off each other in a vicious cycle. And guess what gets affected by these? Road safety. We can’t afford to look away from this menacing spin of events any longer.


Time for a Makeover


We’ve been caught up in the charm of car culture for too long, even though it jeopardizes the health and survival of so many. The status quo needs an upgrade; convenience should never come at the cost of lives.


Vision Zero: Eyes on Progress


The Vision Zero mission is crystal clear – wipe out all traffic fatalities and severe injuries while fostering safe, healthy, and inclusive mobility for all. It goes beyond just setting up slower speed zones or clean air belts; we’re talking about creating a world where everyone can thrive!


Answer the Call


Mums for Lungs challenges us to maintain air pollution levels below the WHO limits consistently, especially for the little ones. Joining hands for this cause should be a no-brainer!

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Celebrating Our Tapestry


Aristotle set the record straight – we’re social creatures at heart. Let’s mirror our diversity and interconnectedness in our roads as well, creating safer spaces with none left behind.

Cheers to a healthier, less dangerous, and more accepting future! Together, let’s fight for our kids, our neighborhoods, and our planet. Time to take steps towards a world where harm isn’t an option.


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