Diagnosing and Preventing Infectious Coryza in Layers: How to Protect Your Flock.

How to Protect Your Flock: Diagnosing and Preventing Infectious Coryza in Layers

    Hi, people! It’s Khadim Hussain, and today, we’re jumping into the universe of poultry well-being, explicitly zeroing in on our padded companions of more than 50 – the layers! We’ll discuss a bothersome infirmity called irresistible coryza and how you can analyze and forestall it.   Figuring out Irresistible Coryza   Irresistible coryza … Read more

How COVID Affects the Heart: What Women Over 50 Need to Know

How COVID Affects the Heart What Women Over 50 Need to Know

    Good day, wonderful women! It’s your companion Khadim Hussain here, and today we’re plunging into a point that influences a significant number of us: what Coronavirus can mean for our souls. So snatch some tea, get comfortable, and we should separate it in a way even a fifth grader can comprehend.     … Read more

Protecting Yourself from RSV: What Women Over 50 Need to Know

    Hello there, wonderful women north of 50! It’s Khadim Hussain here, your agreeable neighborhood wellbeing devotee, and today, I have significant news to share. The CDC has given an admonition about the rising instances of respiratory syncytial infection (RSV), and as ladies more than 50, it’s pivotal as far as we’re concerned to … Read more

Meningococcal Disease Outbreak Alert for Women Over 50: Staying Safe!

    Greetings, women! It’s Khadim Hussain, and today I need to converse with you about something significant – your wellbeing. We make them concerned about news rolling in from Virginia, and I need to ensure you’re in the loop and dealing with yourselves. Thus, get some tea and we should plunge into this together. … Read more